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Removing the Barriers Between Malawi’s Youth and a Better Future

We Deliver Hope to Malawi’s Youth Through Education and Leadership

Partnering For Good by Making Vision Become Reality

Good Soil Partners offers educational scholarships and focused training in leadership, business development, and entrepreneurship in order to help the youth of Malawi lead generous lives and improve the lives of their families, villages, and nation. Our goal is to create a self-sustainable organization where today’s student become our Good Soil partners for the next generation of Malawians. We invest in students who want an education, who want to become leaders, and who want to change the future of their country for the better. Our goal is not to enable, but to inspire and transform the youth of Malawi into the leaders of tomorrow.

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Our Values & Principles

What’s Most Important to Our Organization

Our Goals For 2020

You Can Help Us Reach Our Goals

Good Soil Student
Thank you for the difference you are making in Malawi
Rachel K.
Good Soil Partner Student
I realize I have a big role to play to support myself and my family in the future.
Saidi S.
Good Soil Partner Student