What We Do

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Helping the Youth of Malawi Reach Their Potential

Creating a Brighter Future Through Education, Leadership, Careers, and Entrepreneurship

15 Million People in Malawi Live Below the Income Poverty Line

The Cost of Education, Lack of Leadership Development, and Poor Paying Jobs Are the Primary Reasons for Poverty in Malawi.

How We’re Changing Lives One Student at a Time

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Education Scholarships

The average annual income in Malawi is $300. Most children cannot attend high school or college because the cost is between 75% to 500% of a family’s annual income. Our Education Scholarship programs assist individuals who want to learn and whose parents are committed to allowing the student to attend school without placing common social pressures for daily survival activities on the child. We choose individuals who have proven they want to make a difference with their education and help Malawi thrive in the future. We have mentors and support people helping students thrive in difficult situations. Because of all of this support, we have a 96% success rate of students passing from one grade to the next. Sponsor a child today.

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High-Quality Education

Only 1% of Malawi’s children have the resources to attend post-secondary education. We offer continuing education scholarships and vocational-technical training and development programs that allow our students access to seek their dreams and goals. Through the assistance of our student guidance counselors, career talks, and personal development programs Good Soil students can discover their unique gifts, talents, and passions and embrace the calling of their life. Our goal is to help our students reach their full potential. Sponsor a child today.

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Leadership Development

The youth of Malawi are its future. They must learn what it means to be a good leader in order to become influencers and bring positive change to their country. Leadership development and training are key components for laying the foundation to self-sustainability at Good Soil Partners. We have created certified leadership training programs that all children must complete as part of their partnership with Good Soil Partners. Sponsor a child today

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Entrepreneurship Opportunities

There is great potential for growing healthy businesses in Malawi. Unfortunately, most Malawians do not have the education and knowledge to be good business owners. Additionally, good paying jobs are very difficult to find in Malawi. We’ve created a Partnership Training and Development Program that allows our students to learn how to operate a successful business and partner with us to operate it. These partner businesses also provide some of our students with direct access to good paying jobs within these businesses. Sponsor a child today

We Help Young People All Over Malawi

The country of Malawi is divided into three regions, each with it own unique characteristics and groups of people. Education is one of the primary answers to eliminating poverty in Malawi. But education alone won’t solve Malawi’s problems. We have found that taking a holistic approach has been extremely successful in helping young people see their potential. By also providing leadership development, career assistance, and entrepreneurship we have awakened the spirit in Malawi’s youth to not only be motivated to do well in school but also see themselves as change agents.  We work with our student partners all over Malawi to help them succeed each day.

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Social Issues in Malawi

As with every poor and underdeveloped country, a host of social, economic, and political issues impact the daily lives of all residents of Malawi. At Good Soil Partners, we’ve made it part of our mission to also address these issues in order to help our student partners not only survive but to thrive.

I see it as a privilege to be part of the GSP scholarship program as I do not only benefit tuition fees but also the leadership and entrepreneurship training programs. Through GSP I feel I will become a better leader and citizen. Thanks to GSP I am where I am now.
Alepha Kaferekudowa
Good Soil Partner Student
To GSP, my words cannot be enough to express my gratitude for the impact that you are doing in Malawi. Through your help, I am now able to help my siblings and family with some basic needs and I am now looking forward to helping more and more people so that through me they can realize their potential.
Saidi Smoke
Good Soil Partner Student & Graduate
It is a great feeling seeing myself achieve my goals of being at the university while GSP is handling my tuition and other school necessities. What a big impact GSP is having in my life and my family who can not afford my college expenses. I am grateful to GSP for the impact they are making
Amos Chipata
Good Soil Partner Student