Saidi S. Tutoring Project

Saidi S. Tutoring Malawian Students

Motivating students and helping them to better their education

Saidi is currently in his final year of studies at Malawi Polytechnic University. He is studying to be an accountant. He was approached by the head of his department to see if he would be interested in tutoring some of the first-year students. Saidi and a few other senior students volunteer to help 130 of his fellow students. He motivates these beginner students and helps them to better understand the subjects. Saidi volunteers about 6 hours a week with these students. Giving back for Saidi is something that is in his heart. He feels self-satisfied when he can help others with his knowledge.

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Good Soil Student
Thank you for the difference you are making in Malawi
Rachel K.
Good Soil Partner Student
I realize I have a big role to play to support myself and my family in the future.
Saidi S.
Good Soil Partner Student