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Cindy Chartier

Cindy Chartier

In 2010, my husband Steve and I, along with three of our children (Ashley, Matthew, and Parker), traveled to Malawi to assist at an orphanage in the southern region. After arriving in Malawi, we had a problem getting to the orphanage. One of the leaders of our travel group, Solomon, was a Malawian who attended college at the University of Maine in the United States and who came from Kang’oma village. We stayed in his village for three days, falling in love with the people.

We eventually moved on to the southern region where we stayed at the orphanage for three weeks. But we could not stop thinking about Kang’oma village. My sons had become very close to a young boy named Daniel and my husband and I had become close to a very intelligent, bright young man named Elton, who was looking to attend college in the United States. This visit to Malawi changed our lives.

When we returned home our hearts were aching to help the young people of Malawi. By December 2010, we had started a non-profit organization that would help young men and women with their education in Malawi and we welcomed both Daniel and Elton into our home in the United States.

I now have two homes — Malawi and the USA. I serve as a full-time volunteer at Good Soil Partners. When I am not working, I enjoy being a mother to my seven children and three granddaughters.

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Thank you for the difference you are making in Malawi
Rachel K.
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I realize I have a big role to play to support myself and my family in the future.
Saidi S.
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