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Seeing Is Believing

Good Soil Trips to Malawi Are Life Changing

A trip to Malawi will be life changing—both for you and the people of Malawi.

From the moment you get off the plane in Lilongwe, your five senses kick-in. You’ll start to smell the wild brush fires everywhere. You’ll see people walking about or riding their bicycles full of products to sell. You’ll hear all the various noises from vehicle horns, to street vendors yelling, to children playing soccer games. You’ll begin to taste the dry dust in the air. Best of all, you’ll get to feel the warm embrace of the children as they seek to hold your hand and guide you along the paths of the village. At that point, all the other senses really don’t matter.

Whether you want to volunteer your time or simply experience life in Malawi, seeing is believing. A Good Soil trip will give you a real sense of what daily life is like in Malawi. You’ll experience all the various facets of life in a third-world country. Life is difficult in Malawi, but it will also inspire you. It’s very common for people for people to say “It’s was hard to imagine the reality of what people in Malawi experience every day, but now I see.”

Most of our trips start by visiting and staying a few days in Kang’oma village. We live with the people in the village and stay in their homes. These homes have no running water and limited electricity. We eat the food they prepare for us. This gives all travelers a real experience of what Good Soil students deal with on a daily basis. On some trips we travel to Lake Malawi where we spend a few days visiting various sites and villages along the way. We’ve also taken people on a safari in Zambia.

Good Soil trips are also designed for volunteering and sharing. We’ve had soccer coaches provide training for local village children. We’ve had teachers offer training sessions to groups of teachers and students. Nurses have traveled with us to assist at local village health clinics. Plumbers have provided assistance for various water projects. Business leaders have offered guidance and leadership development to our students. If you have a skill or talent, it is welcome and Malawi will benefit from you! And you will benefit from Malawi.

Good Soil offers up to four trips to Malawi each year. We welcome everyone from high school and college students through retired people, and everyone in between, to travel with us. We guarantee you will have an amazing experience.

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I see it as a privilege to be part of the GSP scholarship program as I do not only benefit tuition fees but also the leadership and entrepreneurship training programs. Through GSP I feel I will become a better leader and citizen. Thanks to GSP I am where I am now.
Alepha Kaferekudowa
Good Soil Partner Student
To GSP, my words cannot be enough to express my gratitude for the impact that you are doing in Malawi. Through your help, I am now able to help my siblings and family with some basic needs and I am now looking forward to helping more and more people so that through me they can realize their potential.
Saidi Smoke
Good Soil Partner Student & Graduate
It is a great feeling seeing myself achieve my goals of being at the university while GSP is handling my tuition and other school necessities. What a big impact GSP is having in my life and my family who can not afford my college expenses. I am grateful to GSP for the impact they are making
Amos Chipata
Good Soil Partner Student