Good Soil Partner Mentorship Program

This month, the Good Soil Partners 2020 Mentoring program started! We are so excited because this program is at the heart of what we do – equipping and empowering students.

The GSP mentors are a select group of college students trained in GSP mentoring practices. They are assigned to mentor our secondary students. Their primary role is to listen and guide the younger students in all aspects of life, helping them to become successful people and students.

Malawi’s environment is harsh and often causes young students to drop out of school and give up on their dreams because they can’t see any positive future for themselves. Having someone who has been in their shoes to give them ideas and suggest ways forward is an extremely beneficial part of the Good Soil Partners program.

In the Malawi school systems, teachers will often have upwards of 100 students. It then becomes difficult for them to properly support and encourage every student. Often times, parents of our students did not attend school, so they are not able to give advice to their children about the best ways to get through school; how to balance school and life, how to manage their time, and how to persevere through difficult classes.

The Good Soil Partners mentorship program provides a contact for secondary students to go to when they are stressed or struggling. This is a huge part of the success of the program because accountability and support plays a large role in long term success.

We are extremely grateful for our mentors and the mentors that they raise! Every supported GSP student has the opportunity to grow into a mentor for our program – so thank you for supporting our students and mentors.

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