After experiencing the power of poverty, my parents decided to send me, their first-born son, to Chimutu Primary School. I did my standard 1 to 5 there. The school’s headmaster then sent me to Kanyandule Primary School because there was no standard 6 to 8 in Chimutu. I passed my primary exams very well and was selected to Kang’oma Secondary School. My parents were happy for me, but worried: Where would they find school fees to pay for their son?

It felt like I was entering the door of heaven when we heard that I had been selected to be part of Good Soil Partners. This selection answered my parents’ questions. Good Soil Partners helped me by providing school fees and materials as well as good advice during secondary school. I passed my secondary exams very well and got selected to attend Chancellor College. I currently am studying for my bachelor of science degree in physics. Good Soil Partners continues to support me with school fees, upkeep money, and school materials. To tell the truth, without Good Soil Partners my parents would suffer a lot to find money for my education at college level.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will I sponsor the same student?

Length of sponsorship for a student is your choice. We are thankful for the donations we receive. Good Soil Partners would be grateful to receive sponsorship of a student that follows her/him through their education either in secondary or college/higher education.  It would be great if you could help a child from their teenage years all the way through to them being productive adults thriving and helping the future of Malawi succeed.

What does my donation go toward?

Your donation will go toward student tuition, we support children in Secondary (High) Schools, in National Schools and Colleges. All of these students were chosen based on their high academic abilities, passing government exams and an application process completed by Good Soil Partners Board of Directors and local advisory person. The costs involved for each student ranges based on their particular circumstances, some of the things we provide are; tuition, room and board, food, school supplies and fees, school uniforms, computer, leadership training, as well as career & development opportunities.

Are other people sponsoring the same child?

People may be sponsoring the same child depending on your total donation and the cost of the students school and examination fees, school supplies, school uniforms and basic needs of secondary students. College students may also have more than one sponsor due to cost of tuition fees, stipend for boarding and food, writing materials and a computer.

Will my sponsored child write to me?

If you choose to sponsor a student, you will receive updates on a quarterly basis from the website.

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How Does Sponsoring a Student Work?

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Good Soil Student
Thank you for the difference you are making in Malawi
Rachel K.
Good Soil Partner Student
I realize I have a big role to play to support myself and my family in the future.
Saidi S.
Good Soil Partner Student